The Land

Newly Posted, a book-length e-text:

A Casualty of Colonialism: Red River Métis Farming, 1810–1870

by Norma J. Hall

Cover Page Capture

Researched and written 2003–2015

A Casualty of Colonialism demonstrates the validity of a particular argument about agriculture, economic value, and dispossession at Red River Settlement, by describing a people and a place during a particular time period. It confirms that:

“The history of the lands of a people is necessarily to a very great extent the history of the people itself”

Archer Martin, The Hudson’s Bay Company’s Land Tenures and the Occupation of Assiniboia by Lord Selkirk’s Settlers, with a List of Grantees under the Earl and the Company (London: William Clowes and Sons, 1898), iv.

And that, as far as writing in Canada goes, “history has not been kind” to the Red River Métis.

Government of Manitoba, From the Past Into the Future: Manitoba Métis Policy (September 2010), 9, reporting on feedback from Manitoba Métis communities. The “very strong message” from individuals and groups regarding promoting Métis history was that “resources about Métis accomplishments and contributions of Métis people to Manitoba is a priority. Resources should be accessible to schools, colleges and universities and to the public at large.” While a rise in “more accurate portrayals” of historical Métis in school curricula was noted, a need to “continue” work in that direction was identified.


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