Transcript: Hamilton Spectator Re: Mair’s Letter to Macdougall

New Nation (16 June 1870), 2. [filed as 10 May 1870 at Manitobia online]

Mair’s Letter

The Hamilton Spectator, in a clever, sarcastic notice of the poet’s letter, with quotations, concludes as follows:—

What s bright career of legislative usefulness has been here nipped in the bud! Because, we take it for granted that no amount of the strongest “practical fibre” can have power to rescue from present ridicule and permanent obscurity the hair-brained writer of such egotistic puerilities as we have to apologise to our readers for inflicting upon them above.

 Now, we have no sympathy with rebels of any stripe whatever, and assuredly entertain the strongest repugnance for a rebellion baptised in blood. But, if it were possible to palliate, as it is not possible to palliate, the conduct of the Red River insurgents, this expose of at least one of the persons within the Settlement upon Mr. Macdougall reposed confidence, would go far to do so. And there is another morceau of correspondence, more marvellous still, to which we had proposed referring, but want of space compels us to defer for the present the intended criticism.


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