Red River Reading List

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I. Manuscripts

Hudson’s Bay Company Archives:

A.37 I 49, Search File- 1.
E.5, Census Returns, 1827-1843.
F.30, The Assiniboine Wool Company.
F.31, The Red River Tallow Company.
F.34, The Buffalo Wool Company.

Provincial Archives of Manitoba:

MG 14, B 30, file 38, “Colin Robertson Sinclair, Estate, 1898-1903.”
MG2 41, Selkirk Papers, 1811-1813.
MG2, B2, Red River Census, 1832-1U9.
MG2, B3-1, B3-2, District of Assiniboia Census, 1856-1870.

II. Newspaper and Magazine Articles, Pamphlets

Grand Orange Lodge of Manitoba. Programme. Seventy-fifth Anniversary, 1871-1946, Grand Orange Lodge of Manitoba. Winnipeg: 1946.

Ingersoll, W.E. “Yarns of Early Winnipeg: The Sheriff was an Encyclopedia.” Newspaper clipping, Winnipeg: c. 1934.

Littell, R. “Game Beef and an Indian’s Appetite.” Littell’s Living Age 35 (December 1852): 512.

______. “The Hudson’s Bay Company.” Littell’s Living Age 55 (December 1857): 363-364.

Marble, Manton. “To Red River and Beyond (First Paper).” Harper’s New Monthly Magazine 22, no.123 (August 1860): 289-311.

______. “To Red River and Beyond (Third Paper).” Harper’s New Monthly Magazine 22, no. 129 (February 1861): 306-323.

Patterson, Edith. “Canadian History is Exciting Says New Park Superintendent.” Winnipeg Free Press, c. 4 July 1961.

“The People of the Red River.” Harper’s New Monthly Magazine 18, no. 104 (January 1859):

“Policy and Practice of the United States and Great Britain in Their Treatment of Indians.” North American Review 24, no.55 (April 1827): 365-443.

“The Red River Trail.” Harper’s New Monthly Magazine 18, no. 107 (April 1859): 602-620.

“The Red River Trail.” Harper’s New Monthly Magazine 19, no. 109 (June 1859): 37-55.

Seven Oaks House Museum. Pamphlet. The Story of Seven Oaks House, West Kildonan – Manitoba, Home of John Inkster. Winnipeg.

“The ‘Sheriff’ was Great Sportsman and Athlete.” Newspaper clipping, Winnipeg, no date.

“A Visit to Red River.” Harper’s New Monthly Magazine 13, no.77 (Oct. 1856): 665-672.

III. Published Documents

Annual Report of the Department of the Interior for the Year 1903-1904. Ottawa, 1905. Excerpted in Basic Documents in Caradian History, edited by James J. Talman, 123-126. Toronto: D. Van Nostrand Company, 1959.

Dominion Lands Act. In Documenting Canada: A History of Modern Canada in Documents, edited by Dave De Biou and Bill Waiser, 56-67. Saskatoon, Fifth House Publishing, 1992.

Fleming, Sanford. Memorial of the People of Red River Settlement to the British and Canadian Governments with Remarks on the Colonization of Central British North America, and the Establishment of a Great Territorial Road from Canada to British Columbia. Quebec: Hunter, Rose and Company, 1868 [?].

House of Commons, Canada. Canada Gazette, Sessional Papers, no.20 (1871): 74-95.

Isbister, A.K. A Few Words on the Hudson’s Bay Company: With a Statement of the Grievances of the Native and Half-Caste Indians, Addressed to the British Government through their Delegates in London. London: C. Gilpin, c. 1846.

Lamb, W.K., ed. The Journals and Letters of Sir Alexander Mackenzie. Toronto: Macmillan of Canada, 1970.

Morris, Alexander. The Treaties of Canada with the Indians of Manitoba and the North-West Territories, including the negotiations on which they were based, and other information relating thereto. 1880. Reprint Saskatoon: Fifth House Publishers, 1991.

Morton, W.L., ed. Manitoba: The Birth of a Province, Vol. 1. Winnipeg: Manitoba Record Society Publications, 1965. Reprint, 1984.

Oliver, E.H. The Canadian North-West, Its Early Development and Legislative Records: Minutes of the Councils of the Red River Colony and the Northern Department of Rupert’s Land, 2 vols. Ottawa: Government Printing Bureau, 1915.

Report from the Select Committee on the Hudson’s Bay, Company; Together with the Proceedings of the Committee, Minutes of Evidence, Appendix and Index, 1857. London: 1857.

Report on the Affairs of British North America from the Earl of Durham, Her Majesty’s High Commissioner, &c. &c. &c. Excerpted in Basic Documents in Canadian History, ed. James J. Talman. 65-70. Toronto: D. Van Nostrand Company, 1959.

Stanley, George F.G., Thomas Flanagan, and Claude Rocan, eds. The Collected Writings of Louis Riel, 5 vols. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press, 1985.

Taché, Alexandre Antonin. Hístoire et Origine des Troubles du N.-Ouest: racountées sous serment par sa Grandeur Mgr l’archevèque de St-Boniface. c.1874.
Talman, James J., ed. Basic Documents in Canadian History. Toronto: D. Van Nostrand. 1959.

Waite, P.B., ed. Pre-Confederation. Canadian Historical Documents Series, Vol.2. Scarborough: Prentice-Hall of Canada, 1965.

IV. Books

Begg, Alexander. The Creation of Manitoba: or, A History of the Red River Troubles. Toronto: A.H. Hovey, 1871.

______. Dot It Down: A Story of Life in the North-West. Toronto: Hunter, Rose and Company, 1871.

Bryce, George. The Remarkable History of the Hudson’s Bay Company: Including that of the FrenchTraders of North-Western Canada and of the North-West, XY, and Astor Fur Companies. Toronto: William Briggs, 1900.

Carnegie, James. Saskatchewan and the Rocky Mountains. A Diary and Narrative of Travel, Sport, and Adventures, duríng a Journey through the Hudson’s Bay Company’s Territories, 1859 and 1860. Toronto/ Edinburgh: James Campbell and Son/ Edmonston and Douglas, I875.

Charette, Guillaume. L’espace de Louis Goulet, edited by Elizabeth Maquet. 1976. Reprint in English as Vanishing Spaces (Memoirs of a Prairie Métis), translated by Ray Ellenwood. Winnipeg: Editions Bois-Brulés, 1980.

Cowie, Isaac. The Company of Adventurers: A Narrative of seven years in the Service of the Hudson’s Bay Company during 1867-1874 on the Great Buffalo Plains. Toronto: William Briggs, 1913.

Darwin, Charles. The Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. London: John Murray, 1859.


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