New Nation 27 May


“Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia,” second session, continued;;

“MANITOBA! The Nor’-West Bill, Representation, Legislation, and Constitution of the New Province,”;;;

“Cavalry Exercises,” overseen by Colonel-Commandant Gay; “What splendid troops for guerilla warfare men such as these would make!”

“Mr. Smith’s Report,” refers to White Horse Plains resident (and former representative) Pierre Levielle’s critique of Commissioner from Canada Donald A. Smith’s description of events; Smith dismissive of “Reil” [sic] and “his Council” despite having “assisted in the reconstruction of the Provisional Government, with Mr. Riel as President”; Smith gives credit to New Nation for accurate reporting of proceedings; criticism of Smith for ignoring the importance of the “loss of three lives” caused “solely” by the Canada Party movements; despite Smith apparently seeking to avoid giving offence in Upper Canada, he is also being criticised there

“Letter from Pierre Leveille,” to the editor, translation, dated White Horse Plains, 25 May 1870; objects to Commissioner Donald A. Smith’s Report to the Canadian Government; Leveille was not opposed to Riel, simply misinformed and easily reunited “stronger than ever” with the other leaders “to support the cause in securing our rights”; his group was not supportive of the “cause of Canada” as Smith put it, but to bringing “success in securing the liberties and rights of our people. There never existed any division among the French as to their loyalty to the Crown of England. Therefore there could not be a loyal party and a disloyal party, as Mr. Smith reports; and we repudiate the slur cast upon ‘Pere Lestanc and his associates’”; “With regard to any interruption being offered by Pere Lestanc, or threats being used by him and Mr. Riel to intimidate Mr. Smith, I was present during the whole of proceedings of the mass meeting, standing immediately close to him, and heard no interruption … The only words I heard him use during the whole of the meeting were at its conclusion, when he addressed the multitude in French and English, desiring them to maintain peace and friendship towards each other and pressing upon them the great necessity of allowing no political differences to divide the close friendship heretofore existing between the French and the English”; praises the clergy for encouraging people of the settlement to “avoid any collision whatever” with people of opposing viewpoints;;

contradicts Smith’s description of flag issue;

New Nation subscription and advertising rates

“Licenses,” [no link to content at Manitobia online]

“Counterfeit Notes,” warning they are circulating in the settlement

“Fausse Monnaie,” warning they are circulating in the settlement

“The Queen’s Birth-Day,” description of holiday: races, concert, St. Boniface College students fired a feu de joie then held field day displaying manual platoon exercises learned from Lieut. Col. DeSalabery; events ran smoothly — except for some individuals getting “exceedingly drunk and disorderly” they were arrested “by our active town police force, and escorted to airy and comfortable quarters in one of the bations of Fort Garry”

“The Grand Concert,” review of venue, ladies’ dress, performances

“Card of Thanks,” girls of the Red River Orphanage thank: Mr. Spence for managing the benefit concert along with the performers

“Great Success! Immense Applause!! Beautiful Decorations!!!” Grand Concert will be repeated 30 May at reduced charge of admission

“Lost Boy,” James Irwin Sr. seeks news of his 14 year old son, James Irwin Jr.

“Notice,” Albert Peterson leaving the settlement any seeking repayment of debts owed to contact him before he departs

“Horses Astray. Liberal Reward Offered For Recovery,” “The undersigned begs to state that a MARE and BLACK COLT, belonging to him, have been running at large in the Plains for three years, without being caught. They were last seen, on the 2nd inst., in a band of 10 horses, near Bte. Morriseau’s (Ank è weas) house, at the Long Lake. The Black Colt is now a fine young Black Stallion, and keeps with the band”

“Grand Raffle,” John F. Grant raffling off “celebrated Mare ‘Black Kate’”

“A Splendid Prize for the Ladies,” ad for Pendrest’s Illustrated Monthly (New York), “A magazine of practical utility in the household, a Mirror of the Fashions, and a Literary Conservator of surpassing interest and artistic excellence” — full description of contents given

“People will Talk,” verse, moral: keep you composure


“Public Men of the Dominion,” from London Advertiser, biography of Sir John A. Macdonald;;

“Latest Summary,” “At latest accounts Sir John A. Macdonld’s condition was hopeful”; various details of Expeditionary Force, debates on Manitoba Bill, Cartier calling for general amnesty, McDougall angry, says people of Red River “not yet fitted for self-government and ought not to have it”; delegates expected to arrive from Ottawa any day; Globe angry at outcome

“The Red River Expedition,” cost comparison

“Encouraging Letters From the Prospectors,” from Victoria Colonist; Mr. Ogden of HBC at Fort Stuart has sent in gold dust and letter; he advises using the route via Lake Tatla to get to the gold fields; be prepared for a food shortage; silver also found; discoveries attributed to hunters, voyageurs, and trappers;  description of Alexander Mackenzie expeditions;;

Fraser and Harmon of the NWCo. journeys described; description of country around Stuart Lake; ;


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