New Nation 20 May


“Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia,” Second Session continued,;;;;; .

“Laws of Assiniboia.” passed by President and Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia 7 May 1870,;;;;;;;

“The Local Laws,” reminder in French and English: laws have been published 3 times and come into force today

“Government House News,” a nearly day-long meeting of winterers from the plains took place 10 May at Government House “by request of the President”; state of affairs satisfactorily explained; winterers have profited from fur sales, “many of them will take up land in the new Colony”; second meeting to be held 23 May at White Horse Plains, all French representatives to attend; Adjutant Lepine left 16 may “with a guard of men to be stationed at Pembina”; concert reminder

“Smallpox,” plains hunters report no illness; rumours that it has flared up on the Missouri, however; no infection on robes or furs brought in to settlement; concert reminder

“Artillery Ball Practice,” artillerists commanded by Colonel Gay

“The Duty of the Hour,” call by the editor to consider the sentiments of original settlers and newcomer settlers alike; statement of the bias of various versions of the New Nation; statement regarding the peaceful, cooperative state of the settlement; scolding of outsiders who caused breaches in the settlement and animosity towards Canada;;

Canadian Press censured for unfair depiction of settlers as “uncultivated, or boorish people; a better way to confederate all nationalities/races into one is lauded

“The International,” steamer arrived from Georgetown 15 May; left 17 May; passengers leaving include, HBC “Governor Mactavish, wife and family, Mrs. A.G.B. Bannatyne and family; Gov. Mactavish “will be sadly missed”; passengers for Pembina include Mrs. W. Drever, Miss Drever, Henry McKenney, “and the Hon. Mr. Olone”

“Died,” Samuel Foulds, St. James parish, aged 69.

Concert reminder and motto of the New Nation/settlement

“The Concert” rehearsal review; performers will include Father Dugas, Mr. and Mrs. Steel, Mrs. Angus McKay

“Grand Raffle,” “celebrated Mare ‘Black Kate’” raffled off by John F. Grant

“Horses Astray, Liberal Reward,” [illegible: no link to content at Manitobia site]

“A Stray Heifer,” 3 years old [illegible: no link to content at Manitobia site]

“Licenses,” [illegible: no link to content at Manitobia site]

“Notice,” [illegible: no link to content at Manitobia site]

“Look Here,” boarding House ad [illegible: no link to content at Manitobia site]

“Hotel for Sale,” George Emmerling’s hotel [illegible: no link to content at Manitobia site]


“Red River Items,” gleaned from other papers: Mr. Simpson of Algoma “to proceed to Rainy Lake, on a special mission to the Indians”; Prince Arthur might visit Red River; J.W. Taylor (American Consul at Red River) was at Ottawa; boats for Canadian Expeditionary Force condemned as “unfit for service”; Mr. Monkman of Red River met Prince Arthur in Montreal; Ottawa Mail reported Ritchot and Scott had dinner at Sir George Cartier’s residence on 29 April.

“Judge Black for Governor,” reprint from Hamilton Spectator: McDougall not suitable; Ontario will not accept Lower Canadian appointee; Judge Black preferred appointment.

“The Dominion Cabinet and the North-West,” reprint from Sarnia Observer: why Confederation is unpopular; blunders made by Cabinet in Ottawa with respect to Red River; ignoring settlers faulted; ignoring HBC governor’s and RC clergy’s concerns and reports faulted; denial of representative government by Canada decried; lack of assurance of land recognition identified as mistake; Americans shown to take more interest in settlers’ views than Canada; meddling and ‘mischief’ of ‘obnoxious’ Canadian ‘employees in the country’ (name Dawson, Snow, Dennis, Bown, and Schultz) faulted; lack of recognition of Hay Privilege discussed; surveyors’ behaviour faulted; insinuation of Canadian ‘Military School Cadets’ in ranks of Canadian work crews criticized; characterization of Red River people as ‘semi-savage’; Canada characterized as a “cowed bully”

“The Bible-Opinion of the late Hon. D’Arcy McGee,” Bible presented as good guide to patriotism for younger generation

“Newspaper Enterprise,” story/joke about newspaper correspondent chasing Red River news on train


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