New Nation 1 July 1870

The New Nation (1 July 1870)


“Legislative Assembly,” third Session,;;;;;;

“District Court,” the first held under the regime of Provisional Government; A.G.B. Bannatyne J.P. presiding “with two associate magistrates”; several cases of petty debt dealt with

“The Situation To-day, Loyalty or Disloyalty!” time for pride, “Breathes there a man with soul so dead, Who never to himself hath said—This is my own, my native land?”; “radical press of Ontario” denounced;

history of grievances reiterated;

“The Humiliation of the ‘Globe’,” amnesty promise announced

“Sketch of the North-West of America By Mgr. Tache, Bishop of St. Boniface,”;

translated from the French, continued,;;;; to be continued

“Departure of Bishop Tache and Archdeacon McLean for Canada,”

“Exchange on London,” issued at Fort Garry

New Nation, subscription and advertising rates

“Sun Stroke,” Dr. O’Donnell a victim, attended by Dr. Bird

“The Weather,” intense heat for 10 days (102 Fahrenheit in the shade); hotel and saloon keepers doing brisk business

“Onis Monchamp,” new saloon opened

“Olone & Cosgrove,” new saloon, run by ‘Bob’ and ‘Billy’

“Look Here,” new boarding house opened “in the Building formerly known as the Engine-House, opposite the New Nation office,” McDermott Avenue, run by ‘Jim’ J.S. Hastings

“Bannatyne and Begg,” wholesale and retail, fur and produce traders, wine and liquor sellers, cigars,

“W.H. Lyon,” dry goods, groceries, hardware,

“Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware,” John Higgens, at Winnipeg and Headingly

“J.C. Kennedy, Gunmaker,” Town of Winnipeg ;

“Pistol Found,” by the edge of Red River, Kildonan

“Grand Raffle,” John F. Grant still raffling his mare

“Caution to the Public,” land above Charles Fiddler given to Betsy Marsalla (wife of John Marsalla by her mother, Widow Hogg of St. James, cannot be sold without the latter’s sanction and authority

“To all whom it may Concern,” mortgage claim against property of Ryder Larson,

“Mortgaged Property,” claim against Joshua House and Charles H. House,

“Public Notice,” claim against land under McKenney’s store

“Dissolution of Partnership,” Stalker and Archibald Wright

“Dissolution of Partnership,” Lennon and Cosgrove

“Notice,” Henry McKenney wants debts owed to him paid to Major H.M. Robinson

“Domestic,” how to cook meat, potatoes, splash and store water,


“The Amnesty,” from Montreal Gazette: Edinburgh Scotsman has reported “complete amnesty will be granted to Riel and his accomplices”; “The Canadian Parliament had no power to pass an amnesty bill, because there was no offence committed when it had any jurisdiction”

“Hon. A. G. Archibald,” expected in 5 or 6 weeks, troops expected September, Wemyss Simpson reported to be negotiating a treaty (for passage of troops) and is expected to come through to Fort Garry

“Hon. A.G. Archibald, Lieutenant-Governor,” from the St. John Daily News: ends with: “The Fenians came to Canada in May, and left in dismay.”

Miscellaneous, Fenians still in the news

“Founding a City,” in New York, railways a good idea

Miscellaneous from New York etc.

“The Rose, Thistle, and Shamrock,” national emblem origins,

“In the Jaws of a Lioness,” Minnie Wells, the ‘Lion Queen’ mauled during performance

Note: the report may have been exaggerated, or entirely false. The New York Sun (13 July 1870), reported:

The Great Australian Circus Company, so-called because no member thereof has ever been in Australia, unless as a public benefactor at Botany Bay, has come to grief. At Riverhead, Long Island, the other day, the treasurer decamped with $4,000, all the money of the concern, whereupon the residents brought in their bills for hay, corn, oats, cider, pork, and other feed for man and beast. The representatives of the Long Island Railroad Co., also presented bills for transportation furnished, but there was no money to liquidate the claims, and the managers and several of the actors were arrested and lodged in jail. The circus property was levied upon and everything, including the sawdust, was placed in the hands of the sheriff.

There had been no salaries paid for some time, and the actors not arrested had nothing wherewith to defray their expenses to and from Riverhead, whereupon two of them, George Rebbel, of New York and Hondrick F. Gaigen of Ridgewood, fell back upon their old business, and took to highway robbery. These clerks of St. Nicholas overcame Mr. Nathaniel Hempstead in the night time, and deprived him of his days’ wages. Yesterday afternoon they were captured on board the mail train in Jamaica, and were locked up. Several other actors are charged with having acted in a like indecorous manner toward the peaceful burghers, who now look upon all bareback riders as barefaced raiders, and will shun them accordingly for all time henceforth forever.

Among the animals seized by the sheriff were the lions belonging to Miss Minnie Wells. This young but muscular Amazon proposes to take her case into court.”


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