New Nation 4 Feb.


Editor’s note:

“We surrender our editorial space to the report of the Convention now in session at Fort Garry, from the fact that its actions touch the most vital interests of this Colony, not alone for the present, but for all future time. We present it then to our readers in as complete a shape as possible, discarding only the irrelevant matter having no bearing on points under discussion. This Convention, we take it, represents—as nearly as can be attained—the sentiments of the people; and whatever propositions are accepted during its session will be firmly upheld and insisted upon. The Bill of Rights which has been agreed upon, Canada will undoubtedly be forced to accept before she can make this Paradise Lost a Paradise Regained.

In order that the news may not be delayed and become stale, we subjoin a Supplement to this number.”

“Convention at Fort Garry,”;;;;;; [mention of responsible government “(cheers)”];;;;

“Etats-Unis,” [French language] a political history of the nation’s founding; War of Independence; description of system of government [governance model];  number of French Canadians in the U.S. listed by state; “Mitis” mentioned at Saint-Paul, and Chutes Saint-Antoine at Pembina.

“Fillibusters,” A facetious wish that the rumoured presence of a large contingent of American forces at Red River were true.

Non-Arrivals: Major H.M. Williams, correspondent of the St. Louis Times, was heading to Fort Garry; as was J.M. Carpenter of the New York Herald. Captain Gay, however, reports these “Knights of the Quill” turned back, due to weather and uncertainty (and a shortage of liquor?).

“An old Farmer’s Experience,” advice to would-be farmers

“A Useful Hint in Cold Weather,” in a cold room where there is a stove, “take a palm leaf fan, a shawl, a large towel, or something similar, fan violently or swing the shawl vigorously” to mix the hot upper air and cold lower air

Joke: “You’d better ask for manners than money,” said a man to a beggar. “Faith, an’ I asked for what I thought ye had most of,” was the curt reply.”




“The Government and the North-West,” Ottawa Free Press criticizes the Canadian Government’s handling of the proposed annexation of Red River

“The North-West Question,” from the Montreal Nouveau Monde [English language translation]; mention of Montreal Telegraph  having called people of the North-West “semi-savages, ‘pemmican eaters’”; describes uncertainty in Canada over that country’s rights when contrasted with those of people in the North-West; mentions “pretended rights” of the HBC; “Are not the inhabitants of Red River British subjects …?”;

decries any plan of “invasion”; quotes from BNA Act; objects to the label “rebel” applied to Red River settlers, “One is a rebel (and this term is a very grave one in the ears of Catholics), only when he revolts against the authority of the laws of his country; insurgents are those who make laws with arms in their hands. The Red River settlers have done neither of these things. The opposition which they make to the projects of their fellow-citizens in Canada, does not constitute an act of rebellion or of revolution. The case would change if they declared themselves independent of England, but then, the question would concern the outraged power, that is to say, England, and no other. Canada might offer her good offices or her volunteers to England to go and chastise the province of Winnipeg. The Canadians might decide to carry fire and sword to the lonely villages of our compatriots at Red River, but it would be and could be only on account of the Imperial Government, and not otherwise.”; calls for recall of McDougall and “suspend from their functions the Dennises, the Mairs, and others of that species”; “Canada has treated the Red River settlers as a population of semi-barbarous individuals, having no political ideas, and whom it was necessary to civilize before making citizens of them. We have been greatly mistaken”;  “Injustice causes sympathy; and if the Canadian Government is not going to play tyrant, it is high time that we replace the McDougalls, the Dennises and the Mairs by men who represent the true sentiments which animate us towards our brethren in the North-West.”

“A Returned Attorney-General,” from the Ottawa News; Albert Richards, who had accompanied McDougall as far as Pembina, has gone home and is in a dour mood.

“A Railroad,” reprinted from the St. Paul Press; “Senator Ramsey introduced a Bill granting lands to aid in the construction of a Railroad from the western boundary of Minnesota to Winnipeg, Central British America”; glowing description of progress that will follow its completion; train called “tireless Horse” that “screams forth his ‘Io Triumphe”; “Want of space forbids more than this mere mention, we need hardly assure the public we shall [illegible: mention? refer to?] it again;

“The Effect of Railroads on the Weather,” they bring rain to drought stricken areas ; telegraph wires as well help to redistribute electricity evenly in the air so thunderstorms are less dangerous.

“New Cables,” telegraph progress

“The Population of the Globe,” world demographics

Gold in the Peace River country, BC

Royals in the News: Description of christening cake presented to the Prince and Princess of Wales on 24 December at Marlborough House, England,

“A Wedding,” opulent, in New York at Henry Ward Beecher’s Church, [Beecher advocated Women’s suffrage, temperance and Darwin’s theory of evolution, decried slavery and religious, racial and social bigotry; during the American Civil War he raised money to buy rifles — known as Beecher’s Bibles — for anti-slavery cause; supported the Free Soil Party; he became a prominent advocate of Chinese immigration in the 1870s and 1880s.]

“How to Become Rich,” get £20,000, invest it, and don’t spend a cent?

“The Value of Hair,” “French papers report that large fortunes are now made by the sale of hair,” but it is becoming scarce “Hence” manufacturing artificial hair is increasing ;  “Singular Discovery,”  buried treasure in Posen ; Britain seizes land from alien

“The Dakota Wild Man. A Murderous Frenchman Becomes a Child of Nature,” taken from Sioux City Times;  having killed wife and children, man takes to deserted country for 27 years, grows fur and wild animal talents

“Saved from the Pirates. A Strange Experience,” man is warned by unusual sleep-walking experience to leave ship that is later captured by blood thirsty crew.

“How Smith asked the old Man” a proposal of marriage; asking permission of the bride’s father; humorous

[not attributed, but taken from Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Half-Dime Tales:  of the Late Rebellion  (New York: Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Publishing, 1868)]

“Do You Love Me,” poem

 “The Wife,” poem

“My Mother’s [illegible: Bible?]” poem. [Not available online, but “To My Mother’s Bible” is  available at’s%20bible&pg=PA192#v=onepage&q=My%20mother’s%20bible&f=false.]

“What We Should Eat and Why” ; “The Most Powerful Gun in Europe”

“Odds and Ends” Jokes and homilies

“Baptizing a Politician,” humour

Gallows humour [bottom of column]

Sample of Advertisements:

Lennon & Cosgrove, “First-Class Saloon,” Winnipeg

W.H. Lyon, dry goods and groceries, Winnipeg

olone and campbell debts

Olone & Campbell, saloon, Winnipeg

notice to debtors:

ad for new saloon:

R.H. McLaughlin, photographer, Winnipeg

W.C. Fonseca’s Stars & Stripes, dry goods, groceries, and “Miscellaneous Goods,” Point Douglas, Red River Settlement

John Higgins, dry goods, groceries and hardware, Winnipeg and Headingly

A.R. Gerald, butcher, Winnipeg;

J.J. Sondermann, tailor, Winnipeg

Cathcart & Co., dry goods: “We would invite the attention of our Friends in the Red River Settlement … We keep the Newest Styles and Finest Class of Dress Goods and Trimmings, Hosiery, Gloves, &c., in the West,”  St. Paul MN

Hill, Griggs & Co., “Red River Forwarders and Commission Merchants,” St. Paul MN

Beaupre & Kelly, wholesale grocers, St. Paul MN

John Boyd & Co., wholesale importers, Toronto ON

Lyman, Elliot & Co., wholesale druggists, Toronto ON

Auerbach, Finch & Scheffer, wholesale dry goods, St. Paul MN

St. Paul Carriage Factory, St. Paul MN

Savercool & Grovenor, agricultural warehouse, St. Paul and St. Cloud MN

A.L Larpenteur & Co., wholesale commission merchants and merchandise [furs and hides] brokers, St. Paul MN

New York Weekly, literary journal, New York NY;;

Demorest’s Illustrated Monthly, magazine, “A Splendid Prize for the Ladies,” New York NY;;

The Great American Tea Company, teas and coffees, New York NY

Radway’s Ready Relief, “A Cure for Every Pain,” New York NY;

Sarsaparillian Resolvent, cure for all skin blemishes, Jersey City NY

New Nation, “A New Journal For the North-West Territory,” Winnipeg

[for remainder of ad see]


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