New Nation 4 Mar.



“Official Orders,” Town of Winnipeg declared Capitol of the North-West

meeting announced 4 Mar NN

Meeting Announced:

Remaining elected delegates “to the first representative Council of Rupert’s Land,” named

“The Delegates,” were to leave 5 March, but delayed to wait for Bishop Taché’s arrival ; regret expressed that Judge Black has declined position as delegate ; “Some of our people appear to have the lesson yet to learn, that the voice of electors make the law, and that majorities rule. Just and good men after laboring for the public good, are certainly entitled to some meed of its praise.”

“Canadian Malcontents,” recent planned attack on Fort Garry decried, given that representative Council had been organized; leaders of attack are all Canadians intent on installing their own government instead of the democratically chosen one; claim of release of prisoners being their intent was only a ruse; settler support vanished when the truth came out

“Military Execution,” death of “Private T. Scott” on 4 March 1870; “upon an order of a court-martial” held 3 March 1870; his record of incarcerations and escape; his behaviour as prisoner; death threat on President; his assertion that he was leader in Portage party; one member of court voted against death sentence; clergy attempt to intercede; President had not power to revoke tribunal decision; Scott’s good-bye to prisoners; regret expressed by Court at the necessity; burial

“Political Quarrels,” caution issued regarding the danger of taking rumours for truth; the importance of practicing democratic respect for differences of political opinion ;

“A Slight Difference,” Willaim Dease’s party has recognized the “lawful” Provisional Government; their former ‘theft’ was allegedly an attempt to protect goods on behalf of the HBC; HBC disputes account

“The Winterers Joining the Movement,” Northern Packet (mail) arrived 25 February; Saskatchewan Valley Winterers opposed to HBC rule; freeman of Shoal River and Swan River in revolt; Fort Pelly District in uproar; First Nations equally dissatisfied; Fenchchurch Street businessmen [HBC London Committee] “if they are wise, profit by the lesson so summarily taught by the Half-breeds of Rupert’s Land”

 Currency 4 Mar NN

“The Currency,”

“Returning Prosperity,” people in Town of Winnipeg shopping; bells on cutters; “wise laws” projected to be made by Council; bright business future predicted

“Empty Mail Bags.” Thursday and Monday mails did not arrive due to deep snows between Pembina and Georgetown; dogs replace horse travel

Northern Packet (mail) has arrived; readers invited to send their received letters in to the paper

“Arrivals,” Clark from Lake Manitobs; Roderick McFarlane from Fort Simpson; Col. Rankin from Thornfield, Canada; Robert Paterson from Montreal

“Winter Travel. 2,100 Miles by Dog Train. Camping in the Wilderness. News from the Interior,” Roderick McFarlane arrives from Fort Simpson on 25 [February]; description of McKenzie River District; transport of mail in Rupert’s Land; description of husky dogs making 45 – 60 miles per day; dogs to a far as Oak Point, after which horses; meals; camp sites; empty spaces; description of Fort Providence and other missions; farming in Rupert’s Land; gold at Fort Simpson; “Youcon” [sic] and Alaska;  salt deposits; libraries; summer mail service by boat brigades; winter mail service by dog train; life north of 60; “Esquimaux” trade ; ; ;

Death notice: French Guard, Benjamin Beauchemin, heart attack; buried St. Norbert

“The Better Land,” poem about afterlife

“Indications of a Spring Freshet,” Sunday snowfall “some feet in depth, quite an unparalleled thing at this season”; snow cover now 3 feet deep across prairie; if heavy rains follow flooding will be result; bridge across Assiniboine precarious

McLean and Smith have entered the freighting Business


“A Remarkable Document. Instructions of the First Two Canadian Commissioners. Analysis of the Instructions,” from St. Paul Press, illuminates Canada’s position with respect to the complaints of “Red Riverites”; argues in favour of annexation to U.S. ; ; ;

“The Winnipeg Revolution. Speech of Hon. A. Ramsey in the United States Senate, Intimate Relations of Winnipeg to Minnesota,” describes progress of dispute; mention of declaration of martial law before November Convention; declaration of independence of Canadian authority (Bill of Rights); McDougall, Dennis and Schultz; diplomatic role to be played by U.S,; British Columbia to be considered; reciprocity policy; comparison of settlement to picturesque Belgium; resolution referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations; ; ; ; ;

“Freaks of Fancy,” jokes and word play


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