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New Nation Delivery Notice:

Editor’s Note:

“In giving to our readers a report of the doings of the Convention, we have endeavored to present them in as full and complete a forma as possible. Much of the debate however, required translation, either into English or French and thus lost force and point …”

“Editing a Paper,”  light humour used to deflect criticism


“Convention At Fort Garry, Twelfth Day, continued,”;;;;;;

Names of elected representatives “to serve at the Council Board of the new Provisional Government; some elections not finalized

Delegates to Ottawa: Judge John Black has declined appointment as delegate to Canada

“The Franchise of Red River,” comment on clause in the Bill of Rights regarding the right to vote; civilized and settled Indians have the right to vote as do “American, Frenchmen, Germans, and all others”; mention of foreign demographic in the settlement; comment on American voting at local conventions to date; comment of legitimacy of various meetings held; discussion of the boundaries of the Town of Winnipeg

“The Revolution! Liberation of the Prisoners. A Portage Detachment Gobbled Up! Election of the Members for the Council,” a re-write of the previous account that adopts a serious tone; description of mustering at Kildonan, naming Charles Arkoll Boulton, Adam Clark Webb, John Christian Schultz, and Charles Mair as “the principal figures”; at one point estimates 600 or 700 men had gathered on the Canadian party side; description of preparations to mount defense at Upper Fort Garry (500 men); all 24 remaining prisoners released – those who had refused to swear an oath of good behaviour and allegiance to the Provisional Government, including 4 who had been sentenced to banishment to the U.S. [note: this release is an exceptionally humanitarian show of good will in the circumstances (tactically, prisoners could have been kept to discourage wholesale attack; alternately, as the stated reason for attack was release of prisoners, setting them free forestalls attack and removes that rationale – attackers become ‘barbarians’)]; deaths of Parisien and Sutherland recounted; Council of War was instated by Canadians, who refused to recognize authority of Provisional Government, but called for amnesty for Schultz and Dease, sending Norquay as messenger to Upper Fort Garry; receive reply and disband; capture of Portage and Assiniboine men; names of the prisoners ;

“John Hugh Sutherland,” 

“We regret to chronicle the death of John Hugh Sutherland, second son of Mr. John Sutherland, Point Douglas. The dastardly mode in which his life was taken, and particulars of the event, we give in other columns. He was shot on the 16th instant, and died at nine o’clock the same evening. In the morning he left his father’s abode, full of health, hope and promise – – a young man of most estimable character,– just having attained manhood. The day following he was borne to his final resting place by a long train of mourners. Requiescat in pace.”

[reprinted from 18 February 1870]

Bishop A,-A. Taché in the news: Canadian Press reports Taché’s departure for Red River on 8 Feb. and  predicts his arrival will herald “the disestablishment of the Provisional Government”; New Nation  doubts this will be the case; “The basis upon which we will enter into the Dominion being already agreed upon, it is highly unlikely that the interference of anyone would be for a moment tolerated should so unwise and impolitic a movement be attempted”

John C. Schultz in the News: has escaped capture, heading for Canada

“Departures” William Drever [Jr.] and Dr. Lynch for Canada [both supporters of the Canadian Party; Lynch a former prisoner, perhaps Drever was as well. See Prisoners, this site.]

 Rumours of Sioux aggression: 300 soldiers at Lane’s Fort to “drive them back” but reports of attack appear to have had no basis in fact; Fox and Cree party also misrepresented in rumours; no present danger

Musical performance “at the Presidential Mansion” for the Provisional Government of Assiniboia troops

“A most extraordinary phenomena,” Obscure comment on Monchamp’s notice [at bottom of column]

Weather: [not available online] weather report __? degrees below zero?

saying 25 feb NN

Aphorism: [end of column]


Military Report: Canadian troops being assembled to send to Red River in the early Spring

Hamilton Times, opinion on transfer of HBC territory to Canada; transfer date set to 15 May 1870; not clear whether HBC or Canada responsible for covering cost of losses’ Imperial troops and Canadian volunteers expected at Red River 1 July 1870

“England, Canada and Red River,” St. Paul Press, extracts of correspondence between Sir Stafford Northcote (Gov. HBC, England) and Earl of Granville the Under-Secretary of the Colonies, as well as Gov.-General of Canada; explaining Canada’s decision to stop payment to HBC and delay transfer; Canada reluctant to engage in armed hostilities; comments, “The simple reason for this parade of benevolent reluctance to employ force is because Red River, covered with her impregnable defences, and the ready sympathies of the American frontiersmen, is too strong for Canada to attack with any hope of success.”

U.S. Official Notice of Red River: Congressional Globe prints speech of Senator Ramsey calling for U.S. mediation of Canada – Red River affairs; speech to be printed in next New Nation  issue

The Washington Chronicle, article about U.S. Senator Ramsey’s speech on Red River affairs; excerpt; description of reaction in English press to McDougall’s exclusion from the settlement; description of Ramsey’s argument

“Reciprocity – Annexation” [not available online]

Abraham Lincoln’s birthday a holiday in Illinois

Cuban Rebellion against Spain, from the Gazette; U.S. President Grant declined to interfere

“The Dominion. The Anti-Confederation Sentiment [illegible] Newfoundland,” dateline Halifax 4 February 1870; report of Newfoundland Legislature’s opening speech by Lieut.-Governor; vote to reject proposal to confederate “carried on a division”

“How Maximilian Died. The Imperial Victim of the Ragged Republicans of Mexico,” deposed ‘puppet emperor and prince of the house of Hapsburg-Lorraine captured and executed along with Miguel Miramon and Tomás Mejía, a “tremendous drama” [though it took place in 1867]

“Japanese Execution,” letter from Yokohama, three men found guilty of theft beheaded; other practices mentioned

Decadent Royalty elsewhere. From the Globe, Egyptian and Turkish Royal Courts described as extravagant and wasteful

“A Model Princess,” San Francisco Call, reporting from Jerusalem on the building of a church by a French noblewoman

“A Beauty of the Harem,” young woman at Constantinople

Queen Isabella’s servant girl. In Queen Isabella of Spain’s court, a peasant youth gets a kiss for returning a lost pocket book

“Andalusian Beauty,” description of cigarette factory workers

“A Woman with Artificial Hands and Feet,” medical marvel in England

“A Glimpse of a Great City,” New York City described in stats

Report on steam streetcar in France;

Sailors’ post office in Straits of Magellan;

“A Remarkable Bear Story,” from Miramichi Union, mother and cubs dispatched

“Walking,” the best exercise according to Dr. Lewis

“On Foot to Winnipeg,” [not available online]

“Good for them,” how boarding school environments make men out of boys (survival of the fit)

“The Lengthening Days and the Strengthening Cold: How They Explain it in Connecticut,” from the Hartford Post, (the earth retains summer heat to December); people likewise remain hot in the autumn but retain winter cold in their bodies well into the spring

“Singular Sleeping Posture,” from scientific journal, Nature; sleeping posture of Tibetans preserves warmth

Financial stats of American poets “a prosperous set of fellows”

“Enlisted,” poem by George Cooper

“Snow-Flakes, By Longfellow,” poem,

“For Mother’s Sake,” poem, death of father and son sailing “On wintry waves”

when seventeern

“When You Were Seventeen,” lyrics to a popular song, the sheet music for which was later published by Harvey Camp (1871).

See also: ;

“A Little Bit of Romance,” New York Evening Post, hard luck story with rescue

“Fortune’s Changes,” by Mark Twain,

“Gems of Thought,” advice on proper morality and behaviour

“How to Behave at Dinner,” humour from Punch,

Pompeii theatre reopened after 1800 years; joke


Sample of Advertisements:

Lyman, Elliot & Co., wholesale druggists, Toronto ON

John Boyd & Co., wholesale importers, Toronto ON

Beaupre & Kelly, wholesale grocers, Sr. Paul MN

Hill, Criggs & Co., “Consigners and Transfer Agents,” St. Paul & Pacific Rail Road, St. Paul MN

Cathcart & Co., dry goods, St. Paul MN

A.L. Larpenteur & Co., wholesale commission merchants, “Special attention paid to the sale of Furs,” St. Paul MN


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