New Nation 18 Feb.


“Convention At Fort Garry,” beginning 12th day:;;;;;;;;

“The Revolution! Liberation of the Prisoners. 1,500 Men in Arms. Winnipeg Preparing to Fight. Battle of Winnipeg. Bloodless Finale,” satirical commentary on Portage Party attempt, with apology at the end for the lack of gravity in the tone:

“all we can plead is, that the impulse to write as we have done, was irresistible. The aspect in which we have put passing events is very apparent to all. The other phase of these every-day occurrences, we are not unmindful of. We know that men’s minds are unhinged by rumours – that harassing doubts and fears and uncertainty are prevalent,– but for our part, we decline by any act of ours to deepen the gloom which darkens us in this, the advent-time of a New Era.”;;;;

“John Hugh Sutherland,” death notice

Delegates to Ottawa: Notice that Donald A. Smith, Col. de Salaberry, and the delegates Rev. Ritchot and A.H. Scott plan to leave for Ottawa on Monday, 20 Feb. 1870; Judge John Black declining to go due to sister’s ill health “and the severity of the season”

Spring 18 feb NN“What Spring is to Bring,” local opinion critical of the stance of the Toronto Globe  regarding McDougall and Dennis; the Globe alleged,

“it was the duty of Col. Dennis to have held possession of the Stone Fort, admitting in the same editorial that he had not a shadow of authority for so doing. How he was to hold the Stone Fort without force to sustain him in his position seems to have entirely escaped their notice: the result of such an attempt would only have been a loss of life without good being accomplished”;

local comments on Canadian opinion being that “in the spring, Canada or Red River must go down”; disputes the ‘rebel’ label

“William Le Roi. Le Roi est mort; vive le Roi,” about William Dease at Point Coupé; he has left the location; the HBC goods have been retrieved; flag alluded to; his supporters have defected to the Provisional Government; description of confrontation at Dease’s residence; gunfire but nobody hurt


“St. Paul to Winnipeg” from St. Paul Pioneer which cites dispatch from Washington about bill introduced in U.S. Senate and House for land grant to put in rail connecting St. Paul with Fort Garry “within three years”; new road will be completed in one year

“The Halifax Citizen critical of Dominion government’s handling of the transfer

Hamilton Spectator,” comments on McDougall and Cameron

“The St. John, N.B. Globe,” decries Canada’s “undemocratic” course and “blunders” against Red River

“The Ottawa Evening Mail,” humour, poking fun at pretensions and aspirations of those who would be rulers of Red River

“Felt Clad Ships,” from Australian periodical the Navy Archive; felt proposed to Emporer Napoleon as a means of diminishing effect of projectiles on ships’ hulls

“Little Grisette, From the New Volume of Poems by George Alfred Townsend,” poem

“Wayside Waifs,” humour, word play, slang, trivia,


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