New Nation 11 Feb.


“Convention at Fort Garry. Very Important Debates. The Bill of Rights”;;;;;;;;;;;;; end page 2 ;; [to be concluded next week]

“Last Acts of the Convention. Formation of the Provisional Government of Rupert’s Land … Council of the People to be Elected”;;;;;;; [ends on 12th Day, to be continued next issue]

“Returned Papers” some people of the settlement [supporters of the Canadian Party], have returned copies of the newspaper with their comments written in the margins (highly critical and perhaps obscene)

John C. Schultz in the News: Schultz is reported to be “somewhere near Lake Winnipeg, enjoying his opium cura digitalis”; he has been declared a perpetual exile by the Provisional Government.

‘Young’ Hamilton in the News: “Young Hamilton views the battle from afar, i.e., at the Portage. He has a company of thirty men organised and would take Fort Garry if it were not for having to shoot his personal friends.” This is perhaps Arthur Hamilton (see Prisoners, this site), and/or perhaps a relative of Katherine Jane Glen Macaulay Rae Hamilton Begg (wife of Alexander Begg) [see reference to “Mr. Hamilton,” the New Nation (6 May 1870)].

Walter Robert Bown in the News:  at “Eagle’s Nest, a post of the Hon. Hudson’s Bay Company”; left post for Canada via Lake of the Woods and Thunder Bay

“William Dei Gratia Regem” The Dease Party (28 people), led by William Dease of Point Coupée, entered the HBC post in St. Boniface and took goods; description of Dease’s ambition; “Manitoba” mentioned (seems to refer to the Portage area); Dease apparently tried to seize McDougall’s furniture; outcome unknown

A.G.B. Bannatyne in the news:

“Mr. A.G.B. Bannatyne, after presistent [sic] efforts to scale the walls of Fort Garry, at last succeeded in effecting an entrance. It is needless to say that he camped there for some days, surrounded by many companions who spoke excellent French, but had a disagreeable habit of carrying fire-arms. He was released last evening.”

Dr. Cowan in the news: kept a prisoner; Mactavish under guard; other HBC officials kept to the fort; all “released last evening”

Munitions: Riel has all the gunpowder in the Settlement [Lower Fort Garry has all the guns.]

American Celebration: “The Americans propose celebrating Washington’s birth-day, the 22 inst. by a Grand Ball and supper at the Engine Room”

The weather: mild but windy, roads drifted over, storm predicted

“‘I Will Trust in the Cover of Thy Wings’—Psalm LXI,”


Credit for article, “The Question of the North-West,” published in last issue given to Nouveau Monde

“The Red River March to Freedom,” Halifax Nova Scotian, wonders who legitimately owns Red River; “let the Dominion restrain the warlike ardor of its soldiers”; “The striking difference of the declarants of Independence and the MacDonald Cabinet will soon be settled by blows.”

“The Red River Fizzlo,” Hamilton Times, reports Canadians have withdrawn from Red River and given up on the attempt to install McDougall; “The whose business, were it not so mortifying to Canadians and attended with expense, would be a source of ‘inextinguishable laughter’”; lambastes both McDougall and Dennis; “If we play ourselves in the position of the people of Red River we shall better understand the matter. Those half-breeds are like ourselves – with homes and families accustomed to freedom and unacquainted with tears.”; explains Red River concerns; states of Canada “We question very much if the Czar of Russia ever perpetuated an act of such manifest tyranny”

Comment on the Globe: “The Toronto Globe picks us up, places us upon its editorial fork, dissects, annihilates, and leaves us for dead. Our funeral will take place shortly”

report on Dennis

Col. John Stoughton Dennis in the News: Toronto, and “Cannekdom”:

“Canada’s Amphibious Back Stairs Passage to Winnipeg,” St. Paul Press comments on the Toronto Globe and observes that the location of Winnipeg makes it safe from invading Canadian force, alleges that is reason for Canada wanting direct road; alleges cost means Canada has settled on an “amphibious road” – not railway; points out it would be useless in winter and in summer, people would bypass it in favour of American railway which will have 2 lines going to Red River (St. Paul and Pacific RR and the Northern Pacific); American plan to get rail to Fort Garry

“Overtures for Annexation,” St. Paul Press promises American support to people of Red River

Annexation Trends: Reports about places annexing to the U.S.

“Earthquakes,” report on California quake,

“Little Brown Hands,” poem about children [not attributed but written by Mary Hannah Krout]

“Marion,” poem about dead child [not attributed, but apparently originally titled “The Mother’s Prayer,”

[first published in part in The Royal Garland (1686), see Theatrical Inquisitor and Montly Mirror (1815)’%20tears%20her%20limbs%20with%20morning%20dew&pg=PA70#v=onepage&q=oh%20bathe%20her%20comely%20face%20with’%20tears%20her%20limbs%20with%20morning%20dew&f=false ]

“Odds and Ends,” humorous anecdotes, jokes, trivia, bizarreties,

Sample of Advertisements:

R.H. McLaughlin, photographer, Winnipeg

J.J. Sondermann, tailor, Winnipeg

Beaupre & Kelly, wholesale grocers, St. Paul MN

Hill, Griggs & Co., “Successors to J.J. Hill & Co. and Newcombe & Griggs … Commission Merchants,” St. Paul MN

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