New Nation 11 Mar.


“WAR!” Canada is sending troops to Red River: “Evidently they have not yet parted with the idea that we are a set of uneducated halfbreeds who don’t know our own wants, who have no idea of the way we should be governed, and must needs be, like children, taken care of lest we go astray.”

“The Delegates,” departure to Ottawa delayed; they are waiting for Bishop Taché to arrive at Red River.

“Provisional Government. First Council Meeting, Speech of the President,”

“Political Arrests,” John Grant, August Nolin, Joesph Hamlin, and Angus McKay; Charles Nolin faced charges as well.

Miscellaneous notices:

Foreign News

“The Revolution in Mexico,”

“Civilized Cannibals,” tales of European aberrations

“Latest Fashions,” humorous comment on dress designs in Paris


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