Session 1, Day 5: 21 March

NB: text taken from Archives of Manitoba, MG3 A1-15, Red River Disturbance collection, “Seasonal [sic: Sessional] Journal of the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia, March 1870,” appears in black; text taken from other sources appears in grey.

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Assembly Chamber, Upper Fort Garry

Monday, 21 March 1870[1]

The President having taken the chair and routine business having been transacted,

The Secretary of the Constitution committee read the second article of their report, which was as follows:—

“2. That our assembly of representatives be henceforth styled The Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia.”

On motion of Hon. Mr. Scott, seconded by Hon. Mr. Poitras, the article was adopted.

On motion of Hon. Mr. Bannatyne, seconded by Hon. Mr. Bruce, the third article was adopted, as follows:—

“3. That all Legislative authority be vested in a President and Legislative Assembly composed of members elected by the people; and that at any future time another House, called a Senate, shall be established when deemed necessary by the President and the Legislature.”

The House adjourned.


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[1] Bunn, Sessional Journal, 15; “Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia,” New Nation (8 April 1870), 1.


Published 6 July 2011


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