New Nation 18 Mar.

Alexander Begg recorded in his journal that,

“The New Nation was stopped to-night [Friday, 18 March 1870] – it appears the report of the council proceedings especially that touching on Bishop Taché’s appearance before the Legislative body was not according to the taste of the President.”

Begg does not indicate whether this was speculation on his part or hearsay. The stoppage might have been due to other reasons — particularly a change in ownership and editorship. Thomas Spence took over the business of publishing news from Henry Martin Robinson, who had taken over the U.S. consular position at Winnipeg from Oscar Malmros.

[Alexander Begg’s Red River Journal, 339. See Red River Newspaper Chronology and the men who ‘made’ the news, this site.]

Pages dated 18 March were included in the 2 April 1870 issue of the paper (no news was printed during the week of 25 March). The 18 March pages included the pieces below.


“Peace” [not available online.]

Foreign News:

“Imperial Responsibility,” reprinted from the London Standard, comment on a letter by Alexander Kennedy Isbister,;

“Vox Populi in Newfoundland,” notice of anti-confederation sentiment in Newfoundland,


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