New Nation 15 Apr.



“Proclamation. To the People of the North-West,” [release of prisoners],

“Proclamation. Aux Peuples du Nord-Ouest,”

“The Proclamation,”

“Local News.”

Bill: An Act Providing for a Military Force [not accessible];

Bill: An Act respecting Indemnity to Members;

Bill: An Act respecting the Hay Privilege,;

Bill: An Act Providing for the Due Administration of Public Justice,;

Bill: An Act Respecting the Hay Privilege,

“Government Notice,” [‘to the inhabitants of the North and North-West,’ signed Louis Schmidt],

Second Session of Legislative Assembly Announced:

“Interesting Revelations. McDougalls Spies,”

“J.W., McDougall’s Spy,”

“J.W.’s Falsehoods,”

“Colonel Dennis’ Apology,”

“Cancelling of Bonds,”

“Mr. James McKay,” [Indian Commissioner],

“Sioux Killed,”

Good Friday:

Queen’s Birthday and Races:

“The Emmerling House,” [for sale],

Departures of Colonel Rankin:

Death Notice, Mrs. Leopold Moreau [Adelaide, who was newly married]:

Death Notice: Adelaide Moreau, daughter of Marguerite Schmidt of St. Boniface:

The weather, [2 weeks since snow, but sowing begun, and snow again; Hon. Hugh Olone storm-staid]:

“Assiniboia Markets,” [8 April],



“A Future Empire,” [Vancouver Colonist],

News from Ottawa:

Miscellaneous, including News from Ottawa in French:

“Severe Lecture,” [directed at McDougall by Joseph Howe],


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