New Nation 29 Apr.


“The President’s Speech on the Hay Privilege,”

“Legislative Assembly. Second Session,”

“The North-West Papers. The Opinion of the Colonial Delegates at a London Conference in 1867. The Provisional Government that was to be forced upon us, and the Provisional Government of To-day,”

“Provisional Government,” [opinion on seeking status as British colony; annoyance at not having been consulted about British and Canadian plans for Red River; complaint about the jail-breaking habits of Canada Party members],

“Lettre de Mr. Ch. Mair a l’Hon. Will. McDougall Montrant Clairemont ce que ces Messieurs Pensaient Faire de nous,”

“Colonel Dennis’ Statements Denied,” [Hon. James MKay and Robert Tait deny having agreed with Dennis and William Hallet],

“Irregularity of Mails,” [critical of American mail service, floods no excuse],


“Opening of Navigation,” [Schooner Jessie McKenney, Captain Robertson, arrives with a steam saw for lumber making],

“The Smallpox,” [outbreak on the plains],


Proper care of breeding cattle:

Fire: Stable belonging to Charles Fiddler of St. James burns:

The Golden Anniversary of Red River resident Albert Sergent’s parents (of New Hampshire):

Miscellaneous: charity concert planned; sale with bargains for “the ladies — dear creatures,”

Advice: How not to ask a prospective father-in-law for his daughter’s hand in marriage:

“To Boys,” [leave the birds alone and plant a tree],

On the importance of cooperation; Mark Twain and soda water:


About the ‘Monster Lottery:


“Troops for Pembina,” [St. Paul Pioneer],

Rev. G.O. Corbett in the News: Unfavourable comments on Rev. G.O. Corbett renewing his anti-HBC pamphleteering campaign (he is portrayed as having been guilty of sowing discord at Red River and therefore unwanted):

Comment on Hamilton Spectator‘s comments on ‘rights’ and Red River:

“The Emperor of the French and His Critics in England,” [London Telegraph, pro-Napoleon],

On Colonists becoming members of the House of Lords:

“British Columbia and Vancouver Island. Opening of the Legislative Council,” [British Colonist],

“National Disgrace,” [New York Tribune, the slaughter of women and children by American cavalry, origin and stupidity of ‘Indian Wars’],

“Dr. Schultz,” [Hamilton Spectator, article highly critical of Schultz and friends],

Making fun of Scottish and Irish accents:


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