New Nation 24 June

[filed as 24 May at Manitobia online]


“IMPORTANT. Brief Report of Our Delegates to Canada,” special session of the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia convened; business proceeded following day; Richot [sic] reported result of mission to Ottawa; full coverage of event will be in next issue of paper; Manitoba Act accepted “We will not at present do more than offer our hearty and sincere congratulations to the Provisional Government and people of the North-Wet generally, on the success which has attended a bold stand for right and liberty. We have achieved a great victory, and well may all classes of the community be proud of it”

“Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia,” 3rd session, to be continued

“Anno Tricensimo-tertio. Victoriae Reginae, An Act to establish and provide for the Government of the Province of Manitoba,”;;;

“The New Lieutenant Governor,” praises for Archibald; veiled criticism of other politicians

“The Shrievalty,” Robert Tait of Sturgeon Creek appointed to vacant sheriffship (replacing Hugh McKenney who resigned when he moved to Pembina); joke about the official dress worn by sheriffs

“Railroad Progress,” Americans seem to be beating Canadian and British in rail race across continent (and to Red River trade via Pembina branch line); prosperity of American rail termini described; tea from China soon to float across continent; Red River sure to “keep up to theis age of progress” [italics in source]; advocates rail on Canadian soil, so people of Red River will be free to choose the rates that suit them best; closes with catch phrase: “Come on Iron Horse, and ‘go in lemons’.”

Correction of information regarding ownership of St. Paul and Pacific mainline

“Sketch of the North-West of America By Mgr. Tache,” translated from the French; ; to be continued.


“Have We Been Mistaken?” (reads as though written by Riel): more criticism of the Canada Party at Red River; more criticism at the way the “intelligent” people of Red River have been insulted and misrepresented;

insists trouble arose solely on account of “a few men [foreigners to Red River] who stirred up trouble in our midst”; insists that at the outset Red River people considered themselves to be British subjects;

“Celebration of the Feast of Corpus Christi,” at St. Boniface Cathedral; attended by hundreds, including President and some members of the Provisional Government; musical band conducted by Father Dugast; Taché discussed missionary activity; ladies dressed in blue and white with veils; procession; “magnificent” display of “civilisation” astonished newcomers

“Killed by Lightning,” 9 year old son of Nelson Peterson killed at High Bluff while carrying water tub – two women washing clothes knocked out

“Departures,” John Freeman and William Dreever to St. Paul then London, England

“To Whom it May Concern,” mortgage notice regarding Ryder Larson’s property, Town of Winnipeg

“Mortgaged Property,” notice of claim against Joshua M. House and Charles H. House for ‘Grant’ Claim, White Horse Plains, between Pierre St. Dennis’ land and the lands of Francis St. Germain; also tract at Portage La Prairie between John Hodgson’s and Farquhar McLean’s

“Public Notice,” claim by Andrew McDermot to lot with Henry Mckenney’s store

“Dissolution of Partnership,” John Lennon taking sole ownership of Cosgrove and Lennon business

“Dissolution of Partnership,” Olone and Campbell dissolved, to be replaced by Olone and Cosgrove

“Notice,” Frances Bottineau has left her husband, Charles Bottineau, he will not be held responsible for her debts

“An Early Season,” William Garrioch of Portage la Prairie sends in “fine ears of barley nearly full”; hopes grasshoppers stay away; John Mclean of Portage “a large farmer” has potatoes in blossom

“Sporting Items,” ¾ mile race between Mr. James McKay’s Laprairie black horse and Hon. Mr. O’Donoghue’s horse Faugh-a-balla; race between McKay’s Cream and O’Donoghue’s mare Kathleen Mavoureen; several scrub races; much “fun and frolic”; return match between the black and Faugh-a-balla; plans afoot for a new track closer to the town of Winnipeg, with grandstand and judges’ box

“Grand Raffle,” Mare ‘Black Kate’ to be raffled off by John F. Grant

“Fort Garry Cricket Club,” meeting announced by William Coldwell

“Paddle Your Own Canoe,” verse [Illegible: no link to content at Manitobia site]

“Pretension,” how to be a well-regarded person; value of family bonds; closes with comment on morphine


“Death of George McBeth, Esq.” MPP for West Elgin, formerly of Red River

Comment on positive reportage of appointment of Archibald as Lieutenant Governor of the North West in both Ontario and Quebec

Brief comment on Canadian Expeditionary Force progress

“The Fenian Movement—O’Neill’s Policy Denounced,” report from Cincinnati, 23 May 1870: differences between Fenian officials and camps described

The death of Charles Dickens announced

“The Death of Charles Dickens,” reference to trans-Atlantic cable being the means of communication; eulogizing Dickens’ work, explaining his popularity, biographical note; mention of separation from wife

“Death of Dickens–Condolence from the Queen,”

“Life in London,” comment on urban poverty

“Manners and Customs of the Peruvians,” report based on article by “A lively female correspondent of the New York Mail

“Good Humor,” and mention of Turkish government printing press business; joke cows, ladies, absentminded gent


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