Message exchange: Thomas Bunn and J.N. Ritchot, 23 June 1870

• Message 1st, Thomas Bunn to J.N. Ritchot. 23 June 1870 [1]:

Govt House

                                                                                                June 23rd 1870


The Revd J.N. Richot [sic]

 St. Norbert


Revd Sir

I beg to inform you that the Legislative Assembly was convened this day for the purpose of considering the report of the delegation which was sent from this Govt to Canada, of which delegation you are a member. The President informed the House however that you were not going at present to report for two reasons: first, on account of bad health,– which I very much regret — and secondly, that you preferred waiting for the arrival of at least one of your fellow- delegates before reporting officially. The House consequently adjourned till tomorrow at one o’clock p.m., and expressed the hope that they might then have the pleasure of either meeting you personally or having your report in writing. I need hardly say that they are exceedingly anxious to hear the result of your mission to Canada, and feel the utmost confidence in your good faith. I have therefore been directed to request you to report to the House to-morrow, in person if your health will permit, or in writing.

I have the honor to be, reverend Sir,

Your Obedient Servant,

Thomas Bunn,


• Message 2d, J.N. Ritchot to Thomas Bunn, 23 June 1870 [2]:

Torn copy of original message, remaining portion records Ritchot’s response to Bunn’s request that the former present his report on the negotiations in Ottawa to the Legislative Assembly: “c’est avec le plus grand plaisir que je me rendrai au desir que vous me exprimer de me voir demain a votre parlement.”


[1]AM, MG3 B1-11 “Letter from Thomas Bunn to J.N. Ritchot. 1870.” Handwritten note, 1 page, requesting that  Ritchot present a report of the negotiations in Ottawa to the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia; see also Canada, Parliament, House of Commons, “Report of the Select Committee on the Causes of the Difficulties in the North-West Territory in 1869–70,” 80-81; and transcription in A.A. Taché, Amnesty Again, a collection of pamphlets made available online as a Google Book.

[2] AM, MG3 B1-12, “Letter from J.N. Ritchot [Thomas Bunn] to Thomas Bunn, Joseph Howe. 1870.” Handwritten copies of original letters, 3 pages, incomplete (torn).


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