New Nation 17 June

[dated 17 May 1870 at Manitobia online]


“Steamer ‘International’, Arrival of Pere Richot [sic],” accompanied by Dubuc and Champagne of Montreal; also aboard Rev. W.W. Kirby and wife, Mr. Carpenter of New York Herald, J. Fortescue with wife and children, Mssrs. Green and Hoyt, John McKinney and wife

“The Manitoba Act,” explanation of the new arrangement of the province; new arrangement for governance;

explanation of land distribution; hay privilege; schools; governance of territory between Manitoba and Ontario;

“Enquire Within,” sets out to correct misapprehension regarding origin of the provisional government, reconstruction, and legitimation; cites Mcdougall’s “bogus proclamation” as the “ever-memorable Boundary-line”; followed by Col. Dennis’ styling himself as “Conservator of the Peace” commanding that followers “attack, arrest, assault, fire upon, pull down or break into any Fort, house, &c.”; led to formation of de facto Provisional Government 8 December;; refers to Imperial Privy Council report (16 December 1870) says “It is better to have the semblance of a Government in the country than none at all. While the issue of the Proclamation would put an end to the Government of the Hudson Bay Company, It Would Not Substitute Government By Canada Therefore.

Such a Government is physically impossible, until the armed resistance is ended; and thus a state of anarchy and confusion would ensue, and a legal status might be given to any Government de facto formed by the inhabitants for the protection of  their lives and property”; the Canada Party interfered with English and French so “a peaceful unity” between the two was not possible until the Canadians were put in jail; Convention of Forty was then held; excerpt from speech by Riel;;

other speeches quoted; Bill of Rights discussed; Riel as President nominates delegates to Ottawa; prisoners released; Canadians attempt overthrow of government; fatalities ensue; arrests made; troublemakers leave the settlement

“New Advertisements,” claim against land in Winnipeg

“Mortgaged Property,” claim against the Grant property, White Horse Plains; claim against property Portage la Prairie

“Lot for Sale,” [no link to content at Manitobia online]

“Personal,” HBC personnel arrivals report Blackfeet at Edmonton are angry

“Arrivals,” Bishop Clut from Rome; missionaries bound for Athabasca are expected

“Missionary Enterprise in the Far North-West,”

“Literature,” reviews of Sketch of the North West by A.A. Taché

“A Man Shot!” Roderick Cook, at St. Paul’s parish, by George Raymond (alcohol a factor); preliminary court proceedings;

trial to be held

“Notice,” Frances Bottineau has left husband Charles Bottineau; he will not be responsible for her debts

“Boy Lost,” Philip Irwin, 14 years old is sought by his father, James Irwin, of Poplar Point

“Stallion Caught,” Joe McDermot gives notice [no link to content at Manitobia online]

“Sporting Affairs,” Mckay’s cream horse and O’Donoghue’s mare raced at “the beautiful race-course, in the rear of Mr. McKay’s place”; new race to be between McKay’s black, La Prairie, and O’Donoghue’s roan, Faugh-a-bella; call to open a race club

“Dissolution of Partnership,” between Hugh F. Olone and Campbell; debts will be paid by firm of Olone and Cosgrove,

“Olone and Cosgrove, New Saloon” [no link to ad content at Manitobia online]


Newspapers in Quebec praise the Manitoba Bill,

“The Red River Insurrection. Discussion in the House of Lords, May 5,” Canada refused to accept transfer in December on account of appearance of “anarchy” in the Settlement; Britain attempted to get Canada and HBC to cooperate in restoration of order;;

Britain “most desirous of conciliating the inhabitants of the Red River Settlement”; no force to be sent to the settlement until Britain and settlers have an amicable agreement;

“A Mischievous Loyalist,”;

criticism of the Globe as a self-serving trouble-maker (controversy sells)

“Practical Joke on the Fenians,”

“O’Neil of the Cab,” verse description of the Fenian defeat

“Murder at the Masthead,” details of events aboard Morning Light,; .

“Korn Kobb Becomes a Mason,”;


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