New Nation 10 June

[filed as 10 May 1870 at Manitobia online]


“Right or Wrong?” reviews position; comments that “The bill for the government of our Province appears so far as we can learn unofficially, to grant our demands, excepting the control of the lands of the Province,—which is of no great immediate importance, as the large reserve is ample for those of our people who wish to benefit themselves by it. All those in actual possession will now receive free deeds of ownership from the government, and our ample representation, both local and Dominion, will give us sufficient power to prevent any appropriation of our lands that would not meet with the consent of the people”; description of the Canadian press as having been abusive with respect to having misrepresented Red River’s goals and actions, but now reporting more favourably; quote from London Times (6 May 1870), which does not absolve Dominion Government from blame, criticizing handling on a number of points;

Points out Ontario reneged on promise to send funds for relief of settlers in 1868, but keeps taking credit for having sent the money via Mair and Snow; argument that Macdonald’s statements show Riel to have correctly assessed the legal position of the country (and Canadian illegality); .

The president’s photograph: Mr. McLaughlin, whose photo gallery/studio is closed, explained that the photo taken by Langevin had to be developed “abroad,” as the chemicals on order for 5 months still had not arrived.

“Licenses,” Advertised by Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia [no Manitobia online link]

“Counterfeit Notes,” notice from John H. McTavish, HBC, that counterfeit notes are in circulation in the settlement.

“Fausse Monnaie,” notice from John H. McTavish, HBC, that counterfeit notes are in circulation in the settlement.

“Dr. Cowan,” biographical note.

“Died,” [illegible: Margaret Higgens, beloved wife of John Higgens, age 25? (the Manitobia online link is empty of content)] John Higgens ran a dry goods, groceries and hardware store (see ad )

“Boy Lost,” notice posted by James [illegible] at Poplar Point  [no Manitobia online link]

“The crops,” what was planted is looking promising. Many farmers did not plant because of the large number of grasshopper eggs reported in the fall—these however appear to have been killed, the eggs of something else, or of weak grasshoppers.

“Grasshopper Disappearing,” reference to George Emmerling’s “whopper.”

“Early Strawberries,” Hector McKenzie has found wild berries already ripe, despite the “unusually severe winter.” Predicts a good year for wild fruit, plums are already “pretty far advanced in size”; notes that, except for the young trees planted the year before by James McKay, no apples have been introduced into the settlement.

“Sporting News,” horse race held at McKay’s track between Bottineau’s cream and Boyd’s black horses—bets taken. Another race scheduled.  McKay has bought the cream horse and it is up against either O’Donoghue’s mare, or the Rowand horse.

“Grand Raffle,” John F. Grant raffling off his “celebrated Mare ‘Black Kate’,” (for a total of £60)

“Stallion Caught,” [no Manitobia online link]

“A Stray Heifer,” [no Manitobia online link]

“Public Notice,” Andrew McDermot advising that he has claim on lot where Henry McKenney’s store stands.

“Notice,” Henry McKenney; followed by another [both illegible; no Manitobia online link]

Ad for the Stars and Stripes/W.G. Fonseca’s store, Point Douglas. [no Manitobia online link]

“Musical Entertainment,” scheduled for Monday night at the Court-house, admission 1 shilling and sixpence. [bottom of column]

“Learn a Little Every Day,” verse,


“The Delegates,” still without definite news—though Ritchot has telegraphed that matters almost settled “Strange that we can get nothing more positive, when we await with so much anxiety.”

“The New Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba,” appointment of Archibald, of Halifax, announced; his ability to speak French lauded; notes he will accompany the Canadian Expeditionary force; cites the Minerve regarding his favourable attributes; notes he will leave Nova Scotia for Red River at the end of June.

“Hon. Mr. Howe’s Definition of a Red River Loyalist,” during debate on Manitoba bill, Howe thoroughly criticizes ‘Canadian Party’ behaviour (doesn’t name names, but seems to censure Mair and Schultz particularly); recalls the slandering of the people of Nova Scotia when they called for responsible government—notes people of Canada also called for responsible government (and were dismissed as “rebels”)

“Satisfied it is to be Hoped,” reprint from St. John News:criticism of Macdougall’s tactics in Canadian parliament.

“Mair’s Letter,” see The Documentary Record , Transcripts: The Red River Letters of Charles Mair , with Transcript: Hamilton Spectator Re: Mair’s Letter to Macdougall .

“Canadian Vessels pass the Sault,” Expeditionary force aboard the steamer Chicora; report of Fenian vessels.

“Red River Items,” about the Red River Expeditionary Force; mention of the HBC.;

“Latest Summary of News,” from Canada to the 26th May; from St. Paul to the 29th May. Canadians focussed on Fenian raid (“a complete farce”; rumours of pending attack on Red River); Duluth reported thriving now that railroad work has reached there; fire at Quebec; no word of the delegates, but they are expected to arrive soon; Canadian Expeditionary force is at Fort William, not expected at Red River before mid July; negotiations for transfer of the North-West are completed, end of June proclamation expected; Macdonald reported in recovery; Judge Black may not leave for Scotland after all.

“An ill-jointed Canard,” story debunked: Canadian writer sends false information to the Minneapolis Tribune about a secret 2500 Canadian troops heading to Red River;

“Fenian Skirmish—Two Fenians Killed and Two Wounded—Arest of General O’Neill,” reprint from the St. Paul Pioneer (27 May). Report on Fenian raid, St. Alban’s, Vermont; attack expected on the New York frontier; Exectutive Council of legislative branch of Fenian Brotherhood distances itself from groups responsible.

“The Fenians, Battle at Trout River, Canada. The Liberators Run like Foxes,” from Toronto, 28 May 1870; 8 killed, arrests made, one man to hang.

“Railway Land Grant,” from the Globe (25 May 1870); Ramsey of Minnesota building rail to Manitoba boundary connected to the St. Paul and Pacific RR; annexationist enthusiasm mentioned; call for a Canadian railway issued.

“Personal,” note on Rev. W.W. Kirby’s departure from Fort Abercrombie.

Report that flood prophesied by “Red Hand, a prophet of the Piute Indians” [bottom of column]

“A Message from the Clouds,” report from Indianapolis: claims a woman is adrift alone in a hot air balloon (launched in Toronto_ after the pilot fell out.

“Varieties,” to amuse, including: “Why is a novelist an unnatural phenomenon? Because his tale grows out of his head”


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