HBC Council of Assiniboia 30 October

The Council met at 11:00 am. for a special session. The following were present: John Black, Acting Governor, President; Councillors Robert Machray (Rt. Rev’d. the Lord Bishop of Rupert’s Land), Dr. William Cowan, A.G.B. Bannatyne, Dr. Curtis James Bird, John Sutherland, William Fraser.

The President referring to the decision they had come to at the last Council [25 October 1869] as to Mr. Dease proceeding with a number of his countrymen to the locality where were assembled the people who have been threatening to intercept the Honourable Mr. McDougall on his way to the Settlement, informed the Council that Mr. Dease’s mission had entirely failed in producing the desired result, not only had that and every other effort of a conciliatory character proved fruitless in procuring the peaceable dispersion of the assemblage of malcontents, but they appeared to be even more fully bent upon their purpose. In these circumstances, and under the impression that Mr McDougall had in all probability reached Pembina, the Governor [Mactavish] believed that the time had fully come for entering into communication with Mr. McDougall on the subject, and in order that no time might be lost, should the Council see fit to coincide in that view of the matter, the President submitted for consideration the draft of a letter from Governor McTavish [sic] in the name of the Council.

After an earnest and careful consideration of the present position of affairs, the Council, on the motion of the Bishop of Rupert’s Land, seconded by Mr. Sutherland:

Resolved — That in their opinion, a letter [(A.)] should immediately be sent to Mr. McDougall, in accordance with the draft that had been agreed upon.


Source: Canada, Parliament, Correspondence and papers connected with recent occurrences in the Northwest (Ottawa: 1870), 137.


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