UN merisse st joseph MB 1913

Members of the Union nationale métisse St-Joseph du Manitoba, 1913, including men who had actively participated in the Resistance of 1869 -1870 and who had been members of the Comité National des Métis and the Provisional Government of Assiniboia [click image to embiggen], notably: André Nault; Ambroise-Dydime Lépine; Paul Proulx; and Elzéar Lagimodiére. Source: St. Vital Historical Society via Derrick Nault, “L’Union Nationale Métisse Saint-Joseph du Manitoba, 1913,” post,, with caption that reads in part:

“The Union nationale métisse Saint-Joseph du Manitoba was formed in St. Vital on July 17, 1887 [at the home of Joseph St. Germain]. Founding members were: Pierre Delorme; Alfred Nault; Ambroise Didyme Lepine; Benjamin Nault; Francois Frobisher; Charles Genthon; Abraham Guay; Auguste Harrison; Martin Jerome; Elzear Lagimodiere; Pierre Lavallee; Louis Lepine; Francois Marion; Joseph McMullen; Jean-Baptiste Plouffe; Francois Poitras; Alexandre Riel; Joseph Riel; Joseph St. Germain; Joseph St. Germain (son); Pierre St. Germain; Henri Tourond; Antoine Vermette; and William Vermette.”


See also “Souvenir de La Barrière,” Centre du patrimoine website, (accessed 8 October 2013), for a poster apparently printed in the 1920s to honour participants in the Resistance, which includes photographs of: Ambroise D. Lépine; Elzéar Lagimodière; Henri Carrière; G. Charette; Camille Teillet; Louis Riel; Mgr. J.- N. Ritchot; Mgr. Gabriel Cloutier; Elzéar Goulet; André Nault; Roger Goulet; S.- A. Nault; and Honoré Riel.



The Winnipeg Evening Tribune (8 July 1940), 3.


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