The original research, from which the material posted on this site was initially derived, was commissioned for the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia Project, by Manitoba Aboriginal and Northern Affairs, in keeping with the newly implemented Manitoba Métis Policy, in 2010. I am grateful to the Archives of Manitoba and the Legislative Library of Manitoba for access to their collections. My sincere gratitude to Jill McConkey for help in copy editing (and for insights into the history of Red River Settlement) for that project.

Click image above to a brief and preliminary historical overview of the formation and accomplishments of the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia devised for The Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia History Project, 2010.



Click on the tabs above or links in the column to the right to access additional content posted to this site as part of an ongoing research project.


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  1. Excellent research and thank you so much for sharing it on this website! This is valuable,comprehensive information that is generally hard to find. I am involved with the RM of St. Clements heritage website ( and with the St. Andrews Rectory museum and this information is very relevant to both places. We will be linking to your website from ours.

    • Thank you Roberta. I enjoy your website too ( along with visiting the historic sites :)

  2. Incredible amount of information, wonderfully organized and an excellent research resource. Thank you, I will be back often!

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